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kyuketsuki-kuro has stepped into Crimson Devil’s ground.


As he had expected it wasn’t too difficult to keep her pace, he wasn’t even profitting by his real speed to so do; a good news, since it meant that he could save most of his energy for the upcoming fight. His green eyes followed the direction of the Devil’s hand when she pointed at the tower, gazing at it with a suspicious gaze. It didn’t look like a dangerous place - but nothing dangerous ever seemed so, he had learnt it in his long life and he wasn’t going to forget it now. “A healer? This is not a problem, since i can heal myself as well… and you can, too, from what I saw. We’re fighting at the same level of that Stray Devil of yours”, he replied with a shrug of his shoulders, stopping his run for a moment to listen to her explanation. So the illusions were going to be more real than what he thought… This couldn’t stop him, though, since he was more used to fight with real enemies than against strange magic powers or stuff like this. A gust of ice-cold wind ruffled his hair and brought some snow towards them, reminding him that the weather seemed to be against them as well. Oh, what a wonderful day he was living! No preys, no chances to obtain some blood and now he was also risking his life for a matter in which he shouldn’t even be involved. Great program, Leon. 


His gaze moved to the ground for a moment as he thought about something he hadn’t considered before, something that could be really important. “You said our enemy can create illusions also from things referred to us, for example your servants. Does this mean that he can read our minds? In this way he could know my weak spots and i don’t want such a thing to happen. It’s way too easy to kill a vampire if you know how to do it”, he said in a mumbling voice. If the Stray Devil found out that silver could hurt him, for example, he wouldn’t be able to heal himself anymore; and this was a risk he didn’t want to have. But it was useless for now to think about these apocalyptical scenarios since maybe what he said wasn’t even true. 

Heal herself? Well, the vampire wasn’t too far off the truth…but it wasn’t exactly correct, either. The heiress shook her head at his words, her usual, tiny smile, present on her lips. It wasn’t good at all to reveal things about herself like this to a vampire…but it was Leon, anyway. And he was doing her a favor — the least Rias could do was be honest and tell him, even if it would cause her death in the future. - I can’t heal myself the way Asia does…my skills use a lot of magic, and I can only heal to a certain extent. My bishop can endlessly regenerate everything…with her abilities, you’re almost near to indestructible. - But soon, cyan eyes hid once again, just as her head tilted a bit. - The good part of this is that Asia lacks combat skills in general. It’s easy to take her out.

It was ridiculous, to be glad that her servant was weak in actual fighting. Such a pathetic situation Rias was dragged into…to have someone use her dearest Devils in a fight against her. A part of the Gremory’s daughter wanted to run away from that place and avoid meeting her subordinates’ illusions on the battlefield, but another one still sought for revenge. With a sigh, her feet twirled so she was facing the tower once again, keeping her calm composure. - I highly doubt it. If it was able to read your weaknesses like that, then the Stray Devil would have used Light weapons to kill my pet with ease. I suppose…it works more on your wishes and memories. My pet wanted to find my servants, and so do I. Unfortunately…that’s as accurate as I can get with the small information I got, sorry. - Considering how he was a vampire, most likely he had already witnessed the death of someone that was dear to him. Maybe that could be used against him…but Rias thought it was better to stop her explanation there, anyway. It wouldn’t be good to pry in his life and ask him about the past; she had no right do to so.

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He decided to do some deduction. From what he knew about the girl in question, she had crimson hair, a beautiful face…


“Oh! You are!” He exclaimed. “Why didn’t realize it before! I was looking for you. I wanted to know what the Princess of this place looked like.” Once again, he reached his hands out to Rias, but this time for a handshake. “My name’s Lloyd, by the way. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

P-P-Princess? That was what he had said…right? Cheeks tainted with a light pink, the redhead shook her head at his words. People always made such a big fuss all over her and Akeno; that, however, was exaggerating a bit too much. Not that it was too far from the truth in the Underworld, though — but Rias wanted to keep both worlds separated from each other, especially considering who she was.

Frowning a bit, soon her lips finally parted. - I’m not really a princess. My father is the owner of this school, so sometimes the students make those weird rumors. Sorry about that. - Soon, the heiress smiled sheepishly just as she took his hand. - It’s nice to meet you, Lloyd. Are you travelling around?

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